The Custom Jewelry Process


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Our specialty at Jay F. Jeweler is custom design. As a custom jeweler, we care. We care about the stories and the people behind what we create. We design the kind of unique pieces that can only be created by sitting down and talking with you, our customer. First, we determine what you want, what you need, and what you love. We listen to your likes and dislikes and offer suggestions to ensure each piece is a beautiful original. There is no substitute for that personal meeting; it’s the only way to truly develop the unique personality of each piece and is key to our custom jewelry process.

Based on that information, we sketch different designs, incorporating your favorite stones, type of setting, and other design elements. Your perfect design is out there, and we will help you find it.

Next, we’ll talk about metal. Deciding which type of precious metal will best suit your needs is an important step. Our designers are also expert goldsmiths, and they’ll be able to help you make informed decisions.

After we have chosen the design, the metal, and the stones, you can relax while we get to work in the shop (none of our custom jewelry is manufactured off site). We’ll develop a model of the piece on our state-of-the-art CAD program, or in certain cases, by hand carving a wax model.

When the digital model is completed, we’ll show you how your finished piece will look. Once again, we’ll need your all-important feedback. If you’re unsure about any part of the design, we can change it. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your custom piece before we move ahead.

Every day, you’ll smile when see the jewelry created by you and the designers at Jay F. Jeweler. It will be a one-of-a-kind reflection of your story and your style.


Maybe you inherited a beautiful piece of jewelry that you don’t wear because it’s not quite your style. Or maybe your style has changed, but your love for your jewelry hasn’t. The experts at Jay F. Jeweler can transform it with a small restyle or a total redesign. All of our work is done on-site by one of our skilled craftsmen. Come in, sit down with one of us, and we’ll begin that journey together.

Restyling   jewelry that you currently own is a great way to update your piece. The Jay F. Jeweler custom jewelry process starts with your original piece, then we make minor alterations. By simply changing the center stone to a different shape or size, adding accent stones, or by turning a ring into a pendant, our designers can give your existing jewelry a whole new look.

Another way you can recycle your stones and precious metals is by having them redesigned  into a beautiful, updated piece. For instance, combining jewelry to create one brilliant statement piece is a great choice. Worn out items that are beyond restoration are also perfect candidates for redesign. Or perhaps you own a wonderful, but dated, piece of jewelry that doesn’t really reflect your style. Our skilled craftsmen can transform it into a classic, wearable piece.

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Hand Engraving

Hand engraving is a rare art form, but it is still alive and flourishing at Jay F. Jeweler. Sharp gravers and a skillful hand add an old-world beauty that simply can’t be recreated by other methods. We can customize your piece with something as simple as initials, as personal as an inscription, or as elegant as fine scrollwork.