1. What type of materials do you use to create your custom pieces?

Our custom pieces will contain precious metals such as gold (yellow, white, rose), silver (sterling, continuum), and platinum.

Because our design and manufacturing process are all done in-house by our designers and experts, we can guarantee your custom piece will only contain the precious metals you request.


2. How do I pick out a diamond?

Picking out a diamond can be a daunting task! When you come into Jay F. Jeweler our gemologists and experts will walk you through the process of finding a style and diamond that are perfect for you. One of our experienced jewelers will go over diamond grading and other helpful information with you before showing you a few diamonds. Even though two diamonds may be graded the same, they can look very different in person.

It is very important for you to see the diamond in person before purchasing. If you are looking for a unique cut or size we do not have on hand, we can easily get additional diamonds for you to view, usually within a few days.

Our job at Jay F. Jeweler is to empower you to make the best choice for you. We do this through supporting you and supplying you with the industry’s best information. Big moments for you, like choosing a diamond for your engagement ring, are big moments for us as well. We are so thankful when we get to be a part of your journey.



 3. Will you set diamonds and gems not purchased from Jay F. Jeweler?

Yes!  Bring in any gems you are interested in using.  We will look them over and as long as they are in good condition we can use them in your new design.  If there are chips or other issues with your gemstones we will let you know the potential risks in re-mounting them.



 4. Where do you get your raw materials such as gold and gemstones?

We obtain gold that is recycled and refined back to 24 karat bullion which is then alloyed as desired. The two refiners we use belong to professional refinery organizations that monitor standards and quality.

All of the diamonds used at Jay F. Jeweler are obtained directly from site holders who are members of the Kimberly Process. This organization works to connect different sectors of the jewelry industry in the mission to reduce the collection and sale of conflict diamonds. Our colored gemstones are sourced from companies and distributors that we have been working with for decades. We make every effort to ensure the gemstones we procure are ethically and responsibly sourced.



 5. Do you use lab-created diamonds and gems?

Jay F. Jeweler does sell high-quality lab created diamonds and gems when requested. We will always be upfront about the origin of the gem you are purchasing by making clear if your item contains a natural or lab created gem. While all of our natural gems have gone through rigorous checks to ensure they are sourced from reputable distributors, we acknowledge a growing trend toward lab created gems and are happy to help you source these as well. We want to help create your perfect jewelry, and whether natural or lab-created, we will find the best fit for you. 



6. Can I bring in metal to use in my new piece?

Yes you can, but it may not be feasible to add the metal in your new piece. We often recommend that you trade in the metal elements instead of having us re-cast them. If it is important to you to reuse the metal elements of your previous jewelry piece, please let us know and we will work with you as best we can to incorporate your metal into the new casting.

 If we use too much metal that has already been cast, your new piece could turn out porous or have other issues. We have experience taking items such as wedding bands and bending/fabricating them into something new without casting. It all depends on what you are looking to have made.

 Cast definition = Heating metal until it is liquid and pouring the liquid metal into a mold of the finished shape and left to solidify.



7. If I bring in old jewelry and we take out the gemstones to use in a custom piece, what happens to the rest of it?

We can either return the old mountings to you once the gemstones are removed, or you can trade in the old metal to be used as a credit towards your new item.  Removing gemstones often damages the original mounting to where it can no longer be used. In specific situations, a mounting can be preserved for another gemstone. 

If you are wanting to reuse an old mounting, be sure to talk to us about it before gemstones are removed (gemstones are taken out once you give us approval on your custom piece).