Repair Services

1. Do you repair jewelry in your store?

Yes we do! All of Jay F. Jeweler repairs are done in our shop from our expert jewelers that have a combined experience of over a hundred years in the industry. When you drop off your jewelry you can see our expert jewelers hard at work creating new pieces and restoring cherished ones!


2. What repair services do you offer? 

  • Jewelry Inspection and Cleaning
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Resize Rings
  • Solder Wedding Ring Sets Together
  • Retipping and Crown Replacement
  • Diamond and Gemstone Replacement
  • Tightening Loose Diamonds and Gemstones
  • Jewelry Refurbishment - rebuilding or fabricating to original condition
  • Fix Broken Chains
  • Replacing Worn Out Jump Rings
  • + many more! 


3. How long do repairs take?

Repairs are typically completed within a week.


4. Do I need to make an appointment to discuss a jewelry repair job?

No! You are welcome to stop by during our store hours and talk to us about your jewelry and what you would like done. It is helpful if you bring along the jewelry piece you would like worked on. If it is a service we provide, we can take in your repair that day. 


5. Do you offer same day repairs?

Most repairs require your jewelry to be dropped off at Jay F. Jeweler for a week before the service is completed. However, some services like rhodium plating can be completed the same day IF you drop off your jewelry early enough in the business day. If you require a rushed repair service, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

6. How can I contact the jeweler working on my repair?

If you would like to speak directly with the jeweler working on your repair, please call us at (952) 432-9595 and let us know who you would like to speak with. If you have any inquiries during the process, please feel free to call and speak with our expert jewelers during business hours.


7. Can you resize a ring?



8. Can you fix a broken chain?



9. Do you service watches?

No, we do not service watches. But if you want to know the time, please reach out and we will let you know!