Collage of photo examples of hand engraved custom jewelry pieces from Jay F. Jeweler.


Photo of a hand engraved wolf and trees on a platinum custom ring. Hand Engraved Ring with Wolf and Forest Design

Jewelry helps us share memories and express ourselves. Hand engraved artwork on jewelry is the most visually stunning way to convey these stories through fashion. Each item of jewelry displayed above holds special significance to its owner and we have been honored to help them express their memorable moments through jewelry.

Many jewelers offer engraving on their products, but it is often machine engraving. This style of engraving is achieved by using a computer and an automated laser to remove the top layer of precious metal at a set depth and angle for a uniform and one toned design. 

In contrast, hand engraving is performed by a talented artist who deeply etches a design into precious metal using hand tools to add depth and texture to the artwork. Hand engraving is truly unique and no two pieces will look the same.

Jay F. Jeweler is fortunate to work with Joshua Feichtinger, an incredibly talented hand engraver. Feichtinger has been hand engraving since 2008 and has produced countless unique and timeless custom made jewelry pieces and metal works. His engraving on Jay F. Jeweler custom jewelry brings a subtle but distinct magic and elegance to rings and pendants, or a bold, masculine and personal statement to signet rings and jewelry.

At Jay F. Jeweler our hand engraving services are restricted to jewelry. We do not engrave trophies, plates or cups. For all engraving inquiries please contact If you would like to see more of Feichtinger’s work, check out this blog post