Repair Services at Jay F. Jeweler

Refurbished Family Heirloom from 1930


If you have jewelry that matches any of these descriptions, bring them to Jay F. Jeweler and we will work with you to restore your jewelry to brilliance.

  • Ring size is too big or too small
  • Worn out prongs
  • Jewelry has dulled
  • Metal is tarnished
  • White gold jewelry is turning colors
  • Missing diamonds or gemstones
  • Broken chain
  • Broken clasp on chain
  • + many more

We provide a variety of repair services at our Apple Valley, MN storefront and will do everything we can to clean, restore and protect your beloved jewelry pieces. All of the work is completed in our design studio that is visible from our showroom. Interested in learning more about our repair services? Check out our Repair Services FAQ, call us at (952) 432-9595 or come see us in Apple Valley, MN. 

Jay F. Jeweler Repair Stories

Restoring beloved jewelry takes more than just talent; it demands a deep respect for the jewelry and the memories the jewelry contains. Here at Jay F. Jeweler we understand that your damaged, dirty or broken jewelry is precious beyond the materials it is made from. We know that each piece of jewelry that comes to our design studio for maintenance contains treasured moments and stories that you want to continue to keep close. What we do is more than resizing a ring or securing the diamonds in your ring with new prongs - we are helping you wear your grandmother's ring and protecting those memories from loss and damage. We take pride in preserving those stories and ensuring that you continue to wear your treasured jewelry for a long time to come.