The Jay F. Promise


Our promise to you is that we stand behind our workmanship and the materials used to make your custom piece. We also stand behind the workmanship and materials should you purchase an item manufactured by one of our carefully selected partners. It is important that you insure your jewelry with an appropriate insurer of jewelry items. The written insurance appraisal that we can perform will give your insurance provider the best information to replace your item in the event of loss or theft.

We will inspect your jewelry items purchased here and clean them at no charge at any time. Any diamond set by us or our partners will be tightened at no charge as long as you own that item. Items requiring additional repair work in order to tighten a loose stone due to normal wear and tear could require a charge to complete the tightening. You will be informed of this at the time of your visit. Colored gemstones may incur a charge for tightening.

If a diamond set by us or one of our partners is lost, we will replace it up to a value of $300.00 if the loss is a result of workmanship or defective materials. If the loss is due to normal wear and tear or negligence, we are unable to be responsible for replacing the lost diamond. It is important that your items are inspected by us at least every six months. Also, if a diamond valued at over $300.00 is lost due to workmanship or defective materials, we will pay the insurance deductible up to $500.00 if the stone is replaced by us. A note about I1 clarity diamond; we cannot guarantee that this quality of diamond will not be damaged during the setting process or even in the case of removing the diamond from a mounting. I1 diamonds can be unstable during wear and especially during the act of setting and removal. The above terms of diamonds set by us or our partners do not apply to I1 clarity diamonds.

Services such as rhodium plating and refurbishing on items purchased from us will be done at no charge for one year from the purchase date. For engagement rings, these services will be complimentary for one year or until the date of the wedding. After this, it is important to understand that these services will incur a charge, as they are part of normal maintenance.

Our promise for repair work is that we will guarantee only repair work performed by our jewelers. We cannot be responsible for repair work or stone setting performed by anyone else. At the time of your visit or upon inspection by one of our jewelers, you will be informed of any recommended repair work.

Finally, a quick note about jewelry and what occurs as it is worn. Even the most well-constructed jewelry wears with time, and it will inevitably require repair work at some point in time. However, it is not predictable when jewelry may begin to show signs of wear, nor is it predictable when jewelry may need repair work. Based on our experience and expertise, we do know that by following our suggestions on how to best care for jewelry, your items will give you many years of enjoyment and even come to be considered an heirloom should that be your wish.