In-House Repair and Remount

With nearly 45 years of combined experience and knowledge of fine jewelry, the experts at Jay F. Jeweler understand every detail involved in repairing, restoring, or remaking your jewelry. From the simplest remounts to restoring delicate heirlooms, we’ll work with you to define your needs and your style. Then we’ll rework your treasured pieces, making them once again something wearable and wonderful.

jewelry repair at Jay F Jeweler


Appraisals are invaluable tools for a variety of circumstances including:

  • Insurance to cover loss, damage, or theft
  • Estate tax valuation
  • Value comparison
  • Casualty loss
  • Dissolution of marriage (divorce)
  • Collateral
  • Barter purposes

We recommend a detailed, accurate appraisal – the only kind you’ll get from a certified appraiser at Jay F. Jeweler – every five years. Your appraisal will include:

  • Two copies (one for your records, one for your insurance provider)
  • Testing and documentation
  • Gem identification
  • Gem analysis
  • A written value assessment for current retail, estate, or liquidation purposes
  • A photograph of each piece for insurance

Gold and Diamond Buying

Do you have gold or diamond jewelry that you no longer wear?

We will purchase your gold and diamonds, or you can use them toward store credit. Even better, we’d love to incorporate them into a custom piece of jewelry for you – one that you’ll love to wear.

Come talk to the experts at Jay F. Jeweler and we’ll discuss all the options.

Jay F Jeweler buys unwanted gold


We understand that the jewelry of your dreams may be a bit beyond what is currently in your wallet.

That’s why Jay F. Jeweler offers special 12-month interest-free financing for qualified buyers. Other financing options are available – speak with one of our experts for more information.

12 Month Financing at Jay F Jeweler

Stone Loss Warranty

It is important that you insure your jewelry under your homeowners or renters insurance policy, or with an individual jewelry insurance company such as Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. If a gemstone we set falls out of your jewelry, we will either replace the stone up to a value of $300.00 or pay the insurance deductible up to $500.00. If your stone is worth more than $500.00, we will not be liable to replace it and you must contact your insurance company concerning your loss. If we are setting a stone for you and feel the mounting is not reliable, you will be notified before we do any work and a stone loss warranty will not be provided. For this warranty to stay in effect, you must have your jewelry inspected by us or one of the pre-approved AGS jewelry stores in your area. Contact us for more information on stores near you.

We will check for loose stones, broken or worn prongs, and anything else that may compromise your jewelry. If maintenance is needed in order to secure your stone and you decline to have it fixed, your warranty will be voided. If a stone we set becomes loose, we will tighten it at no charge. We are not liable to replace or pay a deductible on a broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged stone. All gemstones, even diamonds, can crack and break. Treat them with care and bring them in for regular check-ups to extend the life of your jewelry.

Please note that gemstones and diamonds set in four prong settings are more likely to loosen or possibly fall out because of the nature of that setting. It is possible that if one prong is bent or is broken, the stone may be lost and we do not warranty this. We only warranty loss due to workmanship in these types of settings. Shared prong setting performed by us in a new ring is exempt from this exclusion.

We do not guarantee against loss of stones we did not set or in jewelry we did not make. If you bring jewelry in for sizing, tightening, or other repair, we will guarantee our work for one year, but will not take liability for work done by others. When we take your jewelry in for repair, we will check your settings for potential problems and discuss them with you if we have concerns about the security of your stones. Eventually, jewelry does get worn down after normal use and will likely need some maintenance such as re-tipping prongs. Jewelry requires care much like your car requires oil changes to keep it in good, working order.

If you need to send your jewelry to us for inspection, you will need to pay for your own shipping charges unless the problem is an original flaw in our workmanship. Your complete satisfaction in the jewelry we provide is our highest priority. We promise be honest and fair in all of our dealings with our customers in every situation. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our stone loss warranty or the care of your jewelry.